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Construction Estimator

Job Overview

A detail-oriented construction estimator advises on the foreseeable cost of major developments. He should obtain all relevant project specifications, determine the most appropriate building materials, and secure favorable prices on all resources. Must also inspect trends in construction to determine whether his estimates are both reasonable and competitive.

To ensure success as a construction estimator, he should be able to translate project requirements into concrete figures with ease. A top-notch construction estimator will adhere to financial constraints without compromising on the high standards.


  • Collect all pertinent documents including property plans, technical drawings, and project specifications.
  • Study documentation, meet with clients, and inspect the construction site to fully understand what work is required.
  • Decide on the most appropriate human and material resources for each project.
  • Obtain multiple quotes for each of these and then select the most suitable offers.
  • Negotiate with service providers to secure better prices.
  • Outline the work plan to gauge how much time will be needed to complete each development.
  • Perform risk assessments to account for potential deviations from the project plan.
  • Account for the use of our resources, plus a reasonable profit margin to calculate an overarching price.
  • Draft proposals that detail envisaged materials, costs, and time frames.
  • Meet with clients to discuss their thoughts and concerns about the offers.